I decided I needed a blog space to post my craft projects, knitting, zentangles, things I make for my niece Miss V, etc. The name of the blog - "a pinch, a potch, and a kiss" - is something my grandfather used to lovingly say to us grandkids and it brings back fond memories of childhood. He had a particular cadence to the phrase that I can still hear in my head and it always makes me smile.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diva Challenge #38: Better than a Pair of Ducks

The Diva challenge has nothing to do with ducks...it is a challenge for a monotangle (a tangle using just one pattern) with "Paradox".  I was going to wait until this weekend to post, but my coworker has been bugging me that I haven't updated my blog recently, so I took a picture with my phone that'll have to do until I have a chance to scan it. 

The more I use Paradox, the more fun I have with it...mostly because I'm better able to control it and can plan the patterns I want to make with it. 


  1. Love it - so cool and creative with the way you used different patterns as the paradox lines - neat.