I decided I needed a blog space to post my craft projects, knitting, zentangles, things I make for my niece Miss V, etc. The name of the blog - "a pinch, a potch, and a kiss" - is something my grandfather used to lovingly say to us grandkids and it brings back fond memories of childhood. He had a particular cadence to the phrase that I can still hear in my head and it always makes me smile.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekly Challenge #40: String Theory v.VI: Pinwheels for Peace

Apparently September 21 was International Day of Peace, and there was a movement to have millions of pinwheels spinning on that day.  I didn't get my pinwheel completed in time for that, but in the spirit of peace, and in fulfillment of this week's Diva Challenge, here it is.

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